To perform a call park, first answer the call normally. When you are ready to place to call on hold (park), perform the following steps:

  • Press Transfer *70
  • Wait for the prerecorded voice to give a parking lot number (i.e. “1” or “2”)
  • Hang up the phone

The call will now be parked in the lot number you were given. To pick up the call from the lot, simply press the preprogrammed button labeled “Lot 1” or “Lot 2” and the call will automatically resume.

Alternatively you may pick up a call from a parking lot by following these steps:

  • Press *71 along with the lot numberĀ (i.e. *711 for parking lot 1, *712 for parking lot 2, etc.)
  • The call will resume automatically after the lot number has been entered

There is an unlimited amount of parking lots available, so it is important to listen to the prerecorded voice telling where the call is parked.