Transferring Calls

Using a cordless phone:

While the caller is on the line, an options tab will show up on the bottom right side of the screen. To transfer a call, press the option button. You will now have the option to transfer or perform a blind transfer.

During an attended transfer, you will be able to talk to the person receiving the call before patching the caller through. During a blind transfer, the caller will go directly to the receiving party.

Select which type of transfer you wish to use. The screen will now show a list of other cordless phones in the system, and will also give you the option to type in an extension to transfer to.

Type in the extension number of the receiving party or select which cordless phone you would like to transfer to. Press the transfer button. If you are performing a blind transfer, the call will now begin ringing on the receiving party’s phone, and they can answer it as they would a normal call.

If you are performing an attended transfer, the receiving party’s phone will ring, and they will be connected with you when they pick up the phone. After you have finished communicating with them, press the transfer button again. This will patch the call through to the receiving party and they will immediately be connected to the caller.


Using a desk phone:

While the caller is on the line, the button to the lower left side of the screen will show as transfer. To transfer a call, press the transfer button and the name or extension you wish to transfer to.

The call will now begin ringing on the receiving party’s phone. You may either stay on the line to communicate with the receiving party, or hang up the phone to immediately connect the caller to the receiving party. Make sure to wait until the receiving party’s phone begins ringing, or you may drop the call.