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MicroSIP – open source portable SIP softphone based on PJSIP stack for Windows OS.

It allows you to perform high quality VoIP calls (person-to-person or on regular telephones) via open SIP protocol. From a cloud of SIP providers you can choose what is best for you, register your account and use it with MicroSIP. You’ll get free person-to-person calls and cheap international calls.

Main features in MicroSIP:

  • small footprint (>2.5MB) and RAM usage (>5MB) – written in C and C++ with minimal possible system resources usage
  • usability – user friendly in daily usage
  • functionality – voice; video H.264 and H.263+, VP8; SIMPLE messaging (RFC 3428) and presence (RFC 3903, 6665); DTMF In-band, RCF2833, SIP-INFO.
  • compatibility – conforms to SIP standards
  • voice quality – supports best voice codecs: Opus, G.711 A-law and μ-law, G.722, G.721.1, G.723, G.729, GSM, AMR, AMR-WB, iLBC, Speex, SILK and Linear PCM mono/stereo.
  • WebRTC echo cancellation algorithm and voice activity detection
  • privacy – configurable encryption TLS / SRTP for control and media
  • portability – has no additional dependencies and stores setting in ini file
  • multilanguage and RTL support, localization for brazilian, bulgarian, chinese, dutch, estonian, finnish, french, german, hebrew, hungarian, italian, korean, norwegian, polish, russian (микросип), spanish, swedish, ukrainian,
  • can be used by people with visual impairments using screen reader software such as NVDA Enjoy!

**Please Note: This product requires a Simple-Device License to work as intended.

Simple Device License


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– starred contacts
– ability to select a number (number / phone / mobile) to dial from the context menu of contacts
– do not disable STUN atimatically in case of symmetic NAT, message only
– added automatic startup setting
– added attended transfer feature (using feature codes) to the shortcuts
– more informative error messages
– finished function of forwarding incoming calls
– minor fixes


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