What's the difference between VoIP phones and regular analog phones?

A VoIP phone has better call quality, often costs less for monthly service, and provides users with features otherwise impossible to deliver with an analog system.  (Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re a bit biased, here.  But VoIP really does deliver!)

How many lines would my phone system have?

They’re unlimited with all plans–you pay for what you use. With VoIP technology, your company will be able to answer as many calls as you can handle, and no one will ever hear a busy signal. Every phone can also use the same company caller ID, no matter how many outbound calls are being placed.

What if I have multiple locations?

You’re in for a treat. A hosted system is the perfect solution for businesses with multiple locations. Managing everything in a single place makes administrative work a breeze. Also with VoIP technology you can have remote locations interact with each other like never before.  Transfer calls from one site to another, intercom back and forth, or send calls that aren’t answered at one location to the other. As long as our phones have access to the Internet, they can work however and wherever you want.

What is a cloud-based system and why would I want to use one?

A cloud-based system (aka “hosted PBX”) uses powerful servers managed in a data center to provide advanced features like managing greetings, or just transferring calls.  You might want to use one because you can enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology without having to pay the cost of setting it up or maintaining it.

Can I work from home?

Absolutely. With your VorTech phone system you can route calls to your cell phone and make working from home easy. Or, if you want that authentic “office feel,” you can bring your desk phone home and plug it in to an Internet connection. Then, it will ring as if you were at work.

How does installation work?

First, our staff will work with you to schedule a convenient installation date. Then, we’ll send a professional (or a team, if needed) to do cabling, installation, customization and training. Our goal is to create zero downtime while tailoring a solution to fit your needs. You won’t need to lift a finger!

What features are included with service?

All of them. Unlike traditional companies, we don’t charge separately for services or features. We keep plans simple and give every customer access to all of our features. And when we make an improvement, everyone gets to enjoy it without any additional charge.

Can I use a cordless phone?

Sure, if you like. We have cordless phones that replace the basic phone for our service. If you’re attached to your current phone, we can even give you an adapter that lets you use your existing phone on the Internet.

Can I keep my current number?

Yes. Our team of professionals is skilled at transferring your current phone number to your new system.

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